Sandara Park

Stage Name: Dara
Name: Sandara Park
Nickname: Sandy, Dara, Kiray, Krung-krung (crazy), Ssantoki (Rabbit)
Profession: Actress, singer, dancer and model
Date of Birth: November 12, 1984
Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea
Blood type: A
Family: Mother, Father, a younger sister & younger brother
Talent agency: YG Entertainment

Official Accounts:

Random facts of Sandara Park:

  • She had 3 albums in the Philippines.
  • She is named as ‘Popular Girl Group Member with Best Skin’.
  • Her favorite color is pink.
  • She is indeed a NATURAL BEAUTY.
  • She doesn’t have TWITTER!.
  • She is named as the ‘Queen of Me2day’.
  • She once broke their trophy before.
  • Her first impression on CL is that CL has unapproachable force.
  • She collects hats.
  • In the Philippines, they call her Sandy or Krung-Krung (crazy: in a good way. don’t take it serously. ^^)
  • She loves jet skiing.
  • She loves dried mangoes more than anything.
  • She likes fast-food restaurants.
  • She is scared of animals, especially the big ones.
  • She was born into a wealthy South Korean family.
  • When she was 8 yrs.old her family ran into financial difficulties and moved to the Philippines to start a new business.
  • She is called the ‘mascot’ of 2ne1.
  • She & her company friends (GD & Se7en) sings at the karaoke together before.
  • She was in-charge of wearing baggy pants and high top shoes in the group, leading the “girls hip-hop” trend.
  • She is a fast Texter.
  • She always used a lots of emoticons when she texting.
  • She is good at peeling shrimps. She also peels it off for other members (Pro-peeler Dara!! XDD)
  • She loves playing ‘Angry Birds’.
  • She was trained under YG Entertainment for 3 years before debuting in 2NE1.
  • Kim Ji Eun was Dara’s vocal trainer.
  • She was voted by the rest of the members to be the best at variety shows.
  • Among the members, only Dara eats ramyun/ramen.
  • She doesn’t have a religion. Atheist.
  • She buys a lot of shoes but doesn’t wear all of them because she’s worried that the shoes might get dirty.
  • She likes all types of music. ^^
  • She is having a hard time with the F chord.

Other Interesting facts:

  • She is shy around the guy she likes. (Remember MAMA09? LOL! when they presented the award to JYJ/DBSK haha!! there’s awkward moment there XD)
  • She had a crush on SHINee’s Minho, but she knew that they’ll never work.
  • Her tears in the ‘It Hurts MV’ are not fake tears.
  • She had candy in her mouth while filming Fire MV bcoz her wisdom tooth hurts that time.
  • Her mom’s dream was to become a singer.
  • She said that the maknae’s role is the most important.
  • She said that if she & Taeyang are just a nobody, she might think of going out with him.
  • She was a huge Lee Hyori fan and once waited outside her house to meet her.
  • Her father’s job is a physics professor and a children’s author
  • She doesn’t like wearing skirts (Neeeh.. she refused immediately when the stylist gave her a skirt LOL!)
  • She always asks Sanghyun (Thunder) to introduce her to a man
  • She and actor Lee Minho were chosen to be in the CASS 2X CF. They kissed more than 100 times for their CF! (WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!! XDD)
  • Dara’s kissing scene with Bigbang’s T.O.P in Gummy’s MV ‘I’m Sorry’ was revealed to be just a camera trick.
  • She likes all types of music. ^^
  • She frequently wears boyish clothes or a weird hairstyle on stage. So, sometimes when she wears girly clothing, it strangely makes her lose her confidence.


  • He is younger than her.
  • Soft at the outside, but tough on the inside.


  • Her nickname (1) ‘Fake Maknae’ because she looks and acts like the maknae.
  • Her nickname (2) ‘Dara Reporter’ because of her infamous pink mic.
  • Her nickname (3) ‘Sachawon (4D)’ because she shows 4 types of herself. Teddy started this nickname.
  • Her nickname (4) ’14 Minute Ability’ bcoz she got tired of exercising after 14 minutes. (by Trainer Hwangssabu)
  • Her nickname (5) ‘Ssantokki’ (Mountain Rabbit) Sandara + rabbit.
  • Her nickname (6) ‘Philippine’s BoA’ / ‘PHIL-Bo’.

Credits: darafacts @


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